Common Signs That You Should Call a Plumber

Low Water Pressure

Poor water pressure in your home can be caused by a number of issues. There could be a clog in the faucet or a leak in one of your pipes, among other things. To determine the true cause of your home’s low water pressure, contact the plumbing professionals at BEL-O. Our experts will quickly and effectively diagnose and repair any issues to bring strong water pressure back to your home.

No Hot Water

Your home has a water heater for the sole purpose of raising the temperature of your water. If you hop into your bathroom expecting to take a nice, warm shower, only to find that the water is ice cold, there could be an issue within your water heater that needs to be fixed. Water heaters are complicated systems that contain many parts, so before you try and inspect your system yourself, make sure that you call on a professional team of plumbers instead.

There’s Water in Your Basement

While heavy rainfall can sometimes cause flooding in basements, so too can pipe leaks. Until the issue is addressed, the pipe will continue to leak, causing high water bills and property damage, among other issues. Contact the team at BEL-O today to quickly and effectively fix your pipe leak.

Running Toilets

While running toilets might just seem annoying at first, they can quickly and significantly raise your water bills. As your toilet runs, it continues to pump water into your bowl, causing you to use much more water than you actually need to. A professional should be called to examine the issue and provide you with the necessary repair.

Water Isn’t Available

Have you turned on your shower, only to find that no water is coming out of the shower head? When this happens, there could be a block or leak in your pipes that isn’t allowing water to flow to where you need it. When you contact BEL-O, we know that your home can’t afford to be without water, so we’ll provide the necessary solution as soon as possible.

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