Garbage Disposals

Common Garbage Disposal Repairs

Residents looking for garbage disposal services in O’Fallon, IL should contact BEL-O. Here are some common repairs that you may need:

Clogged Drain

Food and other waste may be clogging the drain trap. If you dispose of a large amount of food waste at once, it can clog the drain and needs to be removed.

Broken Blades

Broken or loose blades can cause irritating noises and may not chop food down into small enough pieces. Replacing broken blades with new ones will allow your disposal to cut through waste better.

Leaking Disposal

If your garbage disposal is leaking water, it could be from faulty drain lines or a busted seal inside the unit. A professional will locate the leak and repair it.

No Power

If your garbage disposal has no power, it either blew a circuit or could be unplugged. Once plugged in, the unit will need to be reset.


If you overwork and overload your garbage disposal too often, it can become easily jammed. Our team will be able to look inside to see what is causing this blockage in your kitchen sink.

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Contact BEL-O Today for Garbage Disposal Services

BEL-O’s trained professionals can handle all of your garbage disposal installation and repair needs. Our in-depth knowledge and expert experience can provide you with the comfort of knowing you are in good hands. Don’t wait until a minor issue turns into an expensive repair contact us today to schedule an appointment with our team of experienced plumbers.