How Does a Boiler System Work?

While each boiler furnace may work a little differently, the basics are the same. For example, there are gas, oil, and electric units. Each uses a different source of energy. But every system uses that energy to warm water and turn it into steam.

Once the water becomes steam, it travels through pipes in your house. It arrives at either radiators or convectors, depending on which units you have. The radiators or convectors give off heat and warm the space. The steam cools, condenses back into water, and returns to the boiler. There, the process starts all over again! 

Depending on the source of fuel for your boiler, you will notice different benefits. For example, electric units are more energy efficient and provide lower energy bills, whereas gas units are often the cheapest to run.

What to Do When Your Boiler Stops Working?

Whether due to a lack of regular maintenance services, faulty parts, or lack of power or gas, there are different reasons a boiler may stop working. A malfunctioning heating system is more than an inconvenience; it could lead to a dangerous situation. 

As soon as you notice your system isn’t working properly, call BEL-O Cooling & Heating. Our HVAC technicians will assess the system and determine how best to get it quickly and safely back to work. But while you wait, here are some tips for keeping warm:

  • Block drafts. Roll up towels or blankets and place them to block drafts from exterior doors. This tip can help you keep precious heat inside your home.
  • Dress in warm clothing. Don’t forget the power of layers, and when in doubt, add more clothing.
  • If you are using a space heater, use it safely. Keep it away from flammable objects, plug it into wall outlets instead of power strips, and don’t leave it unattended. Otherwise, you may risk a fire in your home.

Financing Options from BEL-O

If you’re ready to consider replacing your heating equipment with a boiler, reach out to BEL-O. BEL-O understands the financial impact that the installation of a new boiler can have. That’s why we offer financing options to all customers to ensure that you’re able to cover the cost of your new HVAC system. Reach out to us today for more information about any of the financing options we offer.

Contact BEL-O for Boiler Services in O’Fallon, IL

No matter what you need for your home’s heating system, BEL-O can help. Our expert heating and cooling technicians provide quality service and completely understand how best to care for your home’s heating system. Whether you need basic maintenance and repairs or complete installations, call BEL-O to schedule residential boiler services in O’Fallon, Illinois and the surrounding areas.