Air Cleaners

How Does a Whole-House Air Cleaner Work? 

A whole-house air cleaner works to purify the home of any allergens or airborne particles. These units eliminate contaminants to circulate healthier indoor air. The filtration system pulls out dust, pollen, and other allergens, which also helps with seasonal allergies. 

A whole-house air cleaner is installed with your home’s heating and cooling unit. When the airflow heats or cools, it circulates through a filter system, cleansing it of any allergens or harmful particles. Then, the clean air gets cycled through the home. 

Benefits of Whole-Home Air Cleaners

What you breathe is so important and can affect your comfort level within the home. The quality of air is especially crucial for people with asthma and allergies, as indoor pollution levels can be up to five times higher than outdoors. Here are some of the top benefits of whole-home cleaners: 

Fewer Allergens and Dust

A filtration system pulls out dust and allergens, which improves the overall air quality. It means you breathe in fewer irritants and can spend less time sneezing and more time breathing easily. The filters have a tightly woven design to capture even the smallest of particles. 

Healthier Air

It does not stop with allergens, though! Some types of air cleaners, such as UV filters, can target and eliminate bacteria and mold. Destroying these microscopic invaders leaves you with healthier indoor air quality. 

Odor Elimination

From cooking to pet odors to the trash can, various odors permeate the home every day. Sometimes, it is hard to eliminate these odors, especially if you cannot get rid of the direct source. 

Instead of relying on candles to mask the smell, these systems can target and eliminate the particles responsible for odor. Odor elimination not only makes for a more pleasant-smelling home but also filters out unwanted contaminants. 

Complete Coverage

Air cleaners circulate airflow throughout the home and capture particles from all over. After all, it is a “whole-home” coverage system! As such, you can expect air quality improvement in every inch of your O’Fallon, IL home. 

Prolonged HVAC System Life

Overall, a better filtration system also leads to a prolonged lifespan for the HVAC system. Making this investment now means you can live healthier and keep your heating and air conditioning equipment running longer in the future.

Types of Air Cleaners BEL-O Cooling & Heating Installs

BEL-O installs various types of whole-house air cleaners. Different systems have different benefits, so if you are unsure which one you need, schedule service with us, and we will help! 

BEL-O offers the following types of cleaners:

  • Filtration products that use tightly woven filters to pull pollutants and contaminants from your breathing supply. Common pollutants include mold, pollen, and pet dander.
  • Humidifiers help regulate the moisture in your home that can influence cold and flu symptoms, skin irritation, and more. These products add the right amount of moisture for ideal humidity levels, which will also help protect wood flooring and furniture.
  • Ventilators are great to eliminate household odors. Like we said, life can be smelly, but ventilators pull those smells out for you!
  • Ultraviolet (UV) light filters use ultraviolet light waves to destroy viruses, bacteria, and mold. Ultimately, UV lights kill these microscopic invaders and will prevent common illnesses.

Financing Options

BEL-O Cooling & Heating understands that heating, cooling, and indoor air quality equipment can quickly become expensive. That’s why we offer financing options through Wells Fargo, N.A. For homeowners with lower credit scores who may not qualify for Wells Fargo’s financing options, we also offer financing through Micro. Contact us today to learn more about your options.

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