Water Heaters

Common Water Heater Problems

Here are some concerns that BEL-O Cooling & Heating regularly see during water heater repair services:

Heating Takes Too Long

Buildup can slow the heating and transportation process within your tank and pipes. These can be remedied through professional repair techniques.

Rust-Colored Water

Both mineral sediment and rust can make your hot water murky. If your appliance is near the end of its service life, this may be better addressed with a replacement.

Foul-Smelling Water

When hot water stays in your tank too long, hydrogen sulfide gas can build up and cause a terrible rotten-egg odor.

Noises from the Tank

Sediment buildup can cause odd noises during the heating process. Don’t hesitate to schedule repair services if your tank starts making distracting sounds.


Leaking may be caused by many components within your tank such as stripped threads. If the tank structure itself causes your leak, it’s time for a replacement.

Lack of Hot Water

A host of issues with the valves, heating components, and the tank can cause this issue, so an expert must diagnose the root cause.

Hot Water Pressure is Low

Valve problems, sediment buildup, poor pipe size, and more can all contribute to unsatisfactory pressure.

Mineral Buildup and Corrosion

Minerals like calcium can settle and impede the heating process. Additionally, the tank and its heating components will naturally experience corrosion over time.

Types of Water Heaters BEL-O Cooling & Heating Installs

BEL-O Cooling & Heating installs both tank and tankless water heaters so you can choose the option most suited to your needs. 

Conventional tanks are the traditional option; you can find this appliance in most homes. When working properly, tanks can hold several dozens of gallons. Usually, this is about 50 gallons, but it can be anywhere from 40 to 120.

Tankless heaters are a more contemporary, energy-efficient innovation. This version does not store water beforehand and instead heats it as it’s demanded. They require less space than their tank counterparts since they do not need room for storage.

For more information, ask the team of professionals at BEL-O Cooling & Heating about which type of heater might perform best in your home. Whether you need us to answer a few questions, or you’re ready to schedule an appointment, we’d love to help!

Do I Need Water Heater Repair or Replacement?

Most of the time, your tank concerns can be addressed with a professional repair service, especially when repairs will cost less than half the water heater installation service price. However, there are a few scenarios where a replacement installation service will give you better long-term results:

Your Unit is Near the End of Its Service Life

When maintained with regular water heater repair services, a unit can last about 10 to 15 years before a replacement is needed. Your tank will experience heating and corrosion issues toward the end of its life, and constant repairs will become more expensive than a brand-new unit.

Your Tank Shows Signs of Corrosion

A rusting tank can cause water that looks murky. While sometimes this issue can be repaired with a flush, a corroded tank should be replaced with a new one to avoid a bigger leak.

The Tank is Leaking

The most common reason for a leak is an issue with the internal structure of the tank such as a cracking shell. This is an urgent issue and will most likely require an entire replacement to avoid future plumbing problems.

Occasionally, there may be instances where leaks aren’t caused by tank damage and can be stopped with a repair. Only schedule services with a trustworthy repair company to avoid paying unnecessary expenses.

Get Expert Water Heater Services in the O’Fallon, IL, Area

Getting your water heater repaired when necessary is essential to avoiding bigger leaks, odors, and rust. If your tank is showing signs of wear and tear, it’s time to call on an experienced company to get things working right again.

Give us a call if you have any questions or if you’re ready to schedule repair services you can depend on.