Plumbing Repair

When to Call a Plumber for Services

Faucets are Constantly Dripping

Not only can constantly dripping faucets cause your water bills to increase, but they can be a sign of a major issue. We definitely recommend contacting BEL-O Cooling & Heating to discover and fix the source of the problem.

Leaks are Present

A big mistake that homeowners make is to ignore small leaks. However, even if only a small amount of water is present, it can be a sign of a big problem.

Water can have disastrous effects on the structural integrity of your home causing mold growth, wood rot, and more. When you see any sign of a leak, you must immediately contact a plumbing repair company.

Low Water Pressure

If your taps have slowed to a trickle, this is a sign of low water pressure. It is often caused by a blockage in your pipes which is preventing enough water from passing through. 

Pipes are Frozen

Winters across Illinois can cause frozen pipes with temperatures sometimes dipping far below freezing in our area. When pipes freeze, it can cause a build-up of pressure, cracking your plumbing system. 

If you suspect that your pipes may be frozen, you should call for plumbing repairs as soon as possible. 

No Hot Water

Water heaters are designed to give your home access to hot water. However, if your home doesn’t have any hot water, it could be a sign of an issue with the hot water heater. Schedule an appointment for water heater repair or replacement immediately to maintain comfort and safety for your family.

No Water

No water is one of the most obvious signs that you have a serious problem. Feel free to contact BEL-O for plumbing repair service if your water supply stops with no warning.

Water in Basement

Water in your basement can be a sign of a leak in your pipes or issues with water pressure. Even if there is only a small amount, you should get it repaired.

24/7 Emergency Plumbing Services from BEL-O Cooling & Heating

It can be difficult to know what counts as an emergency; however, if any of the following occur, you should contact a plumbing repair service immediately, no matter what time of day:

  • Clogs: A clog can rapidly cause a build-up of pressure, leading to pipe ruptures and leaks.
  • Frozen Pipes: When a damaged frozen pipe melts, it can cause a major leak. Get emergency repairs before this happens.
  • Overflowing Toilets: Not only are overflowing toilets unpleasant, but they can cause a major health risk. Get immediate help if this occurs.
  • Leaks: Fixing a leak is straightforward, but discovering why it happened requires a professional. Call on BEL-O’s emergency service to repair any severe leaks.
  • Ruptures: A small rupture in your pipes can rapidly become a major issue. The faster you fix the problem, the lower the chance of damage to your property.

Other Plumbing Services BEL-O Cooling & Heating Provide

Plumbing Installation Services

Installing a new plumbing system? No matter whether your whole building needs renovating, or you just want a bigger bathtub, we can help you. Our team is experienced in installing a wide range of appliances.

Plumbing Inspection

The best way to prevent issues is to have your system regularly inspected. BEL-O Cooling & Heating provides a range of regular inspection services for commercial and residential buildings.

Ten percent of homes have a water leak that wastes 90 gallons of water or more every day, but many are unaware that they exist. Regular inspections can identify minor issues before they become a bigger project.

Plumbing Maintenance

No matter what kind of system you have, it will last much longer with regular maintenance. The plumbers at BEL-O Cooling & Heating can regularly clean your plumbing and fix minor issues. This will prevent leaks, save energy, and stop major issues from occurring.

Call BEL-O for Reliable Plumbing Repairs

If you need a reliable plumbing repair service, you should contact BEL-O Cooling & Heating today. Our friendly contractors have years of experience and are dedicated to improving your plumbing.

No matter what your issue is, our team can help. Call BEL-O for all of your plumbing needs.