Water Leaks

Common Types of Water Leaks 

Our plumbing company has provided water leak repair services to residents of O’Fallon, IL for many years, so we’re familiar with the different types of leaks that your home may experience:

Burst Pipes 

A burst pipe can be easily and quickly spotted, depending on how severe it is. With frozen pipes, there will usually be large puddles and a rapid stream of liquid.


There can also be an occasional leak from household appliances like refrigerators or washing machines. These issues usually stem from a blocked or clogged defrost drain. 

Water Heaters 

Water heaters can also spring small leaks from faulty valves or even the tank itself. If you notice liquid pooling around the base of your heater, the drain valve, pressure relief valve, or temperature valve are likely culprits.

Toilet Leaks 

One of the most common problems seen from toilets is caused by a defective or deteriorated flush valve ball at the bottom of the tank. When this occurs, the liquid will pool at the base of the toilet. 

Pipe Leak Under Sinks 

Free-running liquid under a sink is often called a drain-assembly leak since it starts where the pipes meet. You’ll need to hire a professional plumber for water leak repair services to remove the leaky pipes and reinstall them. 

Leaks Behind Drywall 

Numerous signs point to a major issue being present in your drywall musty odors, stains in the drywall, and the appearance of mold are just a few examples.

Contact BEL-O for Leak Repair Services 

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