Gas Fireplaces

How Often Should I Have My Gas Fireplace Inspected and Cleaned?

A gas fireplace provides comforting heat throughout the cold months as long as it is fully operational. Blockages in your chimney can be hard to identify, which is why it’s worth having your fireplace inspected at least once per year to ensure that everything is in working order. To avoid the risk that your gas fireplace experiences problems when you need it most, be sure to have the system inspected regularly.

Issues like a blocked chimney or a faulty ignition switch can lead to heating problems, which aren’t ideal during the cold Illinois winter. However, it can also lead to more serious issues like carbon monoxide poisoning. 

We can perform maintenance when it best suits you and advise you when your heating unit needs repairs. Get in touch with us today to work out an affordable service plan for your fireplace.

Why Are Annual Gas Fireplace Inspections Necessary?

Inspections and repairs are necessary every year because:


  • Leaks can lead to explosions and fires. A faulty ignition switch or a gas leak to another area can easily lead to a fire breaking out or could even cause an explosion. Don’t wait for physical signs that your unit is degrading: contact us today to arrange a regular inspection.
  • Chimney obstruction can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Similar to a wood-burning fireplace, gas fireplaces can be responsible for carbon monoxide leaks. If your chimney isn’t extracting fumes properly, they have nowhere to go and will build up in your home. Carbon monoxide is a lethal, odorless gas that is not noticeable in the way that escaping smoke is. A regular chimney inspection is essential for this reason, so get in touch to arrange this service.
  • Your alarms need checking. Carbon monoxide alarms tend to last for a long time, but the worst time to discover that your alarm isn’t working is when it’s most needed. Schedule gas fireplace services in the O’Fallon, Illinois area today to ensure your carbon monoxide alarms are functioning properly.

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