Global Plasma Solutions

Global Plasma Solutions' patent pending technology in the GPS-2400 air generator produces positive and negative ions (cold plasma) in the air stream which treats the inside of the air conditioning equipment, ductwork and then enters and purifies the entire home. GPS' technology produces natural, friendly, oxidizers that seek out contaminants and odors in the space. The plasma, when produced and injected into a moving air stream, breaks down gases to harmless compounds prevalent in the atmosphere such as oxygen, nitrogen, water vapor and carbon dioxide. In addition to the reduction of gases and odors, plasma also reduces particulates and kills mold, bacteria and virus in the space.

The GPS-2400 can easily be added to any brand forced air and heating system and will work with any size home. Most installations will take 15 minutes or less, but have huge benefits to your family's indoor air quality.

Benefits include:

  • Odor Control
  • Mold Control
  • Virus Control
  • Bacteria Control
  • Allergen Control
  • Particulate Reduction
  • Static Electricity Control
  • LED Operation Light
  • No Replacement Parts
  • Essentially No Maintenance
  • Low Power Consumptions
  • ETL Listed for Electrical Safety

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